Seoul IDRN Korea Meeting – August 2024!

Seoul IDRN Korea Meeting – August 2024!

We are pleased to announce that our venue and other important details have been confirmed for a key International Disaster Response Network gathering to be held in Seoul, South Korea, August 27-30, 2024.

Please put the last week of August 2024 on your calendar if there is any chance you might be able to join us. Details are below.

It is exciting to share this news because this meeting is a bridge. This meeting will be a bridge from the PAST into the FUTURE for the International Disaster Response Network. The people who have been living and breathing IDRN since 2007 have been hosting biannual IDRN gatherings for a number of years. This gathering represents the first time our South Korean friends are hosting such an event. IDRN Leaders from across SEAsia are planning on being here. We will discuss both universal challenges as well as benefit from talking about a unique challenge that is North Korea. Most importantly – for IDRN Global – this will be the first large gathering available to the public as IDRN in now intentionally looking to be grow back into a truly international, global network.

That is exciting.

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IDRN Korea, International Leaders Forum (6th GCC)

Dates/Times: Tuesday August 27th 6:00pm through Friday August 30 4:00pm.

Forum Topics:

  • Tuesday: Welcome and Introductions
  • Wednesday: IDRN & GCC introductions, history, & path forward, overview/study of IDRN Philippines, small groups regarding Refugee Medical Activities, Climate Crisis & Disaster Relief, Japan earthquake & relief efforts, Korean Reconciliation Initiative & Network (KRIN), Fiji Korean Ambassador address, address from ex-NATO commander regarding Global Refugee outbreaks and disaster relief
  • Thursday: Focus on North Korea including DMZ Tour, small group sharing with local leaders including North Korean defector – in preparation for the North Korean-focused exercise building on Friday
  • Friday: Focus on collective response & exercises, global expert overview of Theory & Practice of Effect Exercises, interactive session for North Korean response exercise development, planning for future Korean & IDRN collaboration, closing including celebration with North Korean female choir

Registration/Participation Fee: $160 includes conference facilities, lunch and dinner, and t-breaks, DMZ tour. For those who do not receive breakfast at their hotel, a light breakfast will be provide at the conference venue.

Hotel Information: Hotels are individually booked with the following as recommended, vetted options near the venue. However, there are plenty of other hotels in the immediate area that you can choose from if so desired. The times below are estimated times to walk to the venue. Click on hotel names below for links to their websites for direct booking.

Venue: The EDUCATIONAL BUILDING at Choonghyun Church is the venue for all forum meetings. 40 Teheran-ro 27-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Trip Planning:

  • Destination Airport: Incheon Airport (ICN)
  • Transportation: You are responsible for getting to your hotel. Public transportation is available from the airport to the Yeoksam area of Gangnam-gu, including UBER works in Seoul, and the most popular local taxi service is Kakao T. Confirm your hotel’s address (printed or on smartphone) to provide to taxi drivers to ensure correct destination. A standard taxi from ICN to Yeoksam takes approximately 55 min and costs ₩80,000 – ₩100,000 – time of day will impact the time & cost.
  • Walking Distance: The recommended hotels are within walking distance to the forum venue.
  • Flight Information: When registering for the conference, please provide your flight and accommodation reservation status. If you register before this information is available, you will need to provide it to the same email address.
  • Exchange Rates: The Korean Won roughly trades against the US Dollar at 1380:1. In other words, $50USD would be around 70,000KRW. Click here to see recent exchange rates.

Registration Method: Contact Timothy Park (IDRN Korea Coordinator & Together International) directly via email to put your name on the list. You will be provided additional information about payment of the $160USD. Timothy and team will also address questions.

Organized: IDRN Korea, Together International, and Korean Association for Disaster Relief

Link: IDRN Korean host webpage