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The International Disaster Response Network (IDRN) was initiated in 2007 as a project under a larger (now defunct) global humanitarian non-profit organization which took an approach and vision resembling many of the world’s largest disaster response initiatives common today – gathering resources and connections to directly respond to human need in disasters – both natural and man-made.

The Original Network

The initial network focused first on providing training to local groups in an effort to create global network of Local Coordination Centers. This was all created with the intent to work with these centers in providing direct relief during disaster events. The training generally included four (4) levels: Basic Preparedness, Basic Response, Basic Disaster Management, and Train the Trainer.

Groups were trained and mobilized in response to crisis events from 2009 through 2013 including events in China, Haiti, Nepal, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Pakistan, to Japan. Those who created and funded the original International Disaster Response Network lead the coordination efforts while identifying resources and funneling them to the areas of need through dedicated IDRN personnel and through the local Coordination Centers.

When the larger organization and its funding dissipated years later, there were five groups that continued independently – Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, & South Korea. These independents groups functioned within different legal structures based on where they were located and had not formal ties. Even so, they convened a number of annual meetings to reinforce and nurture IDRN as they looked for ways to collaborate when possible.

IDRN Update Report, circa 2011

After Time Passed

In 2021, the vision to reestablish a more global network emerged among past IDRN leadership and some of the South Korean IDRN supporters, and the US-based 501c3 non-profit IDRN Global was created. It was not until until 2023 did that group identify an Executive Director to start the process of rebuilding the international instance of IDRN. This time, the approach to the International Disaster Response Network would no longer mimic some many of the other established disaster response groups, coalitions, companies, and networks. The new IDRN would seek to fill a very specific gap in the larger industry and commit to a very “grassroots” approach. The goal is no longer command and control, event-based mobilization and direct training. IDRN would now seek to take disaster response resources and responders to a new level of awareness among those groups already engaged and responding with the hope to magnify best practices and enable new and better levels of collaboration.


As of now, IDRN Global is actively working to provide new systems that will allow individuals and groups from around the world – not just professional responders – to get connected and register their response activities in the name of increasing awareness and collaboration.