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International Disaster Response Network Globalaka IDRN Global – is a non-profit 501c3 organization based in the United States of America. It was found in 2020, but not immediately activated.

IDRN Global is not the entire network. It is a dedicated organization focused on facilitating and supporting the entire network. Its initial goals have been to establish a strong understanding of how IDRN can provide unique value to the world of disaster and crisis response. In other words, how can IDRN help while not trying to recreate the wheel. With all of the existing, often very capable and engaged, groups, there does not appear to be any single global network focused on awareness of who all is out there and who all is responding to any given event.

IDRN Global is not intended to be the same as IDRN USA or IDRN United States. While IDRN Global is based in the USA, it is hoped that IDRN USA will emerge as its own thing in the coming months and years.

IDRN Global operates as a peer to the historical functional IDRN groups that persisted in SE Asia and East Asia through the years. The existing IDRN groups are not responsible to IDRN Global and IDRN Global is not responsible for their actions. However, we do seek to reach a consensus as to best practices and will encourage others to join the larger network to increase awareness, highlight best practices, and encourage new and better levels of collaboration among all of the response groups and networks around the world.

IDRN Global
J Matt Wallace, IDRN Executive Director
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International Disaster Response Network Global
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