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The International Disaster Response Network (IDRN) is a global community built on the power of grassroots involvement. While we warmly welcome the expertise and resources of governments, large organizations, and established professionals, our first core mission remains focused on empowering everyday individuals. But in this, we hope that everyone’s efforts are enhanced in the end. We believe that “regular people” – everyday citizens, community leaders, and passionate advocates – play a crucial role in disaster preparedness, mitigation, and response.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our network. Their passion, dedication, and diverse skills are invaluable in building a more resilient and prepared global community. The Approved Volunteer Position (AVP) Program is designed to harness this incredible potential, providing a structured framework for volunteers to contribute their unique skills and experience towards our shared goals of raising awareness, sharing best practices, and fostering new and better collaboration.

Function and Intention of the AVP Program

The AVP Program, managed by IDRN Global, aims to formally recognize and define volunteer roles within the broader International Disaster Response Network (IDRN). It ensures clarity and alignment between the volunteer’s work and the network’s goals. The AVP Program also addresses the financial aspects of volunteering and outlining various compensation and reimbursement options.

The AVP Program offers a unique value proposition for both IDRN and its volunteers:


    • Strengthens Capacity: AVPs bring specialized skills and expertise, expanding IDRN’s ability to address diverse challenges in disaster management.
    • Enhances Credibility: Formal recognition of volunteers demonstrates IDRN’s commitment to professionalism and accountability.
    • Increases Reach: AVPs can act as ambassadors, raising awareness about IDRN’s mission and attracting new members and partners.

For Volunteers:

    • Clarity and Direction: AVPs receive clear roles and responsibilities, ensuring their efforts align with IDRN’s strategic goals.
    • Professional Development: AVPs gain valuable experience, mentorship, and training opportunities, enhancing their skills and knowledge in disaster management.
    • Networking Opportunities: AVPs connect with a global community of like-minded individuals and organizations, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
    • Financial Support (if applicable): Some AVP positions may offer financial support for expenses or compensation, enabling greater participation and commitment.

The majority of IDRN volunteers will not formalize their efforts through AVP. But when it will help facilitate “next level” commitment, this program will be a primary tool.

By investing in our volunteers, IDRN strengthens its capacity to build a more prepared and resilient global community. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a community leader, or simply a concerned citizen, the AVP Program offers a way for you to channel the needed resources so you, in an Approved Volunteer Position, can contribute to the larger network’s attempts to maximize the investments already being made through existing groups and individuals.

Join us in our mission to empower individuals and communities as they help one another face the challenges of disasters and crises with confidence and resilience.