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The International Disaster Response Network (IDRN) serves as a facilitator, not a direct responder. IDRN members independently decide when and how to respond to disasters based on their individual capabilities and circumstances.

While the network supports and connects members during their response efforts, it's important to understand that IDRN does not directly coordinate or deploy personnel. The responsibility for response lies solely with the individual members themselves.

IDRN's legacy groups, established in 2007, have a history of responding to numerous disasters, primarily focused on Southeast Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and South Korea). While the original network spanned 35 countries, notable pre-2014 responses also included Pakistan, China, Myanmar, and Haiti.

The IDRN relaunch, spearheaded by IDRN Global, is not yet official. While legacy groups may have responded independently to recent events, there haven't been any official IDRN activations under the new structure.

Joining the International Disaster Response Network (IDRN) is free for most members. The only exception is for vendors offering disaster-related products or services, who are required to pay an annual membership fee.

While financial contributions from members are not mandatory, we greatly appreciate donations of time, energy, and funds to support the network and its mission to respond effectively to disasters.

The official registration process for the new IDRN is not yet open. However, you can express your interest and support by completing the "Friend of IDRN" form on this website. We will notify you as soon as the sign-up portal is live.

If you are located in Southeast Asia, you can directly join active IDRN groups in your region.

Formal training is not a prerequisite to join IDRN. In fact, we aim to be the most welcoming starting point for untrained individuals interested in disaster response. Our comprehensive registry and resources will guide those without experience towards finding their path.

Experienced professionals and responders are also highly valued contributors, as we strive to promote best practices across the network. By sharing their expertise, they help create a learning environment where those new to the field can be exposed to industry standards from the outset.