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When IDRN uses the term “grassroots,” it is intended to convey that there is no massive entity, government, or sponsor funding and/or controlling the network. Even within the world of disaster response and crisis relief, there are large influential organizations that have considerable control over its peers. IDRN is actively looking to engage “normal people” who are not primarily focused on disaster preparedness or response. Even so, any such registry would be of little value if none of the primary “players” – groups doing most of the actual response – were not represented at some point.

Grassroots also indicates relationship. IDRN is dedicated to growing actual relationships and expanding through natural “word of mouth” connections. This too is not typical, but does have a significant impact of whatever network IDRN will grow to become. The focus on relationship over transactional encounters will mean the IDRN will be based on real relationships, which typically outlasts and outperforms groups pulled together for other reasons. IDRN does not seek to build a monolith in complete alignment on all issues disaster response-related. We primarily seek to create natural and healthy levels of awareness of what our global communities are doing in disaster response.

Grassroots means decentralized. Not top down. Having the minimal viable tools to facilitate connection is necessary. And yet IDRN will not seek to control its members, but to serve them where possible with an eye towards creating paths to new and better collaboration in our response efforts.