Spin Up Time

Disappointment often stems from unmet expectations. We’ve all experienced it: feeling let down when someone is rude or when a meal doesn’t live up to the hype. While unexpected events can bring joy, it’s hard to be truly disappointed if you had no expectations to begin with. 

That’s why it’s important to set realistic expectations as we build the IDRN network. This is a long-term project, and the road ahead will have its challenges. But by understanding what to expect in the coming months, we can focus on the progress we make and the impact we create. 

Spinning Up the New IDRN 

Building a global grassroots registry network like IDRN takes time. It won’t happen overnight. Grassroots movements thrive on organic growth, not top-down organization or control. IDRN’s role is to foster this growth, provide the tools, and inspire others to join. 

The registry is simply a list of individuals and groups who have indicated an interest in learning, preparing, and/or responding to in times of need. But the power of that list grows exponentially with each new member. A list of 47 is just the beginning; imagine the impact of 47,000 or even 47 million! 

So, the key to our success is YOU. By joining the IDRN registry and inviting others to do the same, you directly contribute to our vision of a global network that can respond effectively to disasters worldwide. 

Expectation #1: Expect a gradual growth in the registry’s size. Focus on the momentum we’re building, not just the numbers. The registry will start small, but don’t be discouraged. Focus on the long-term potential. We’re building something truly impactful, and with your help, it will grow into the powerful resource we envision. 

Building Foundational Tool Sets 

While we envision a future with sophisticated tools to streamline the IDRN experience, we’re starting with a simplified website-based sign-up and registration process. This is a deliberate choice, allowing us to focus on gathering essential data and understanding the needs of our members. 

This initial phase will be fairly “manual” by current standards, but this approach will help inform the development of future tools, including the smartphone and mobile device apps that will enhance navigation of our registries and resources. We’re committed to providing the best possible user experience, but this takes time and careful planning. 

Expectation #2: Expect the initial registration process to be basic. We’re prioritizing data collection and user feedback to inform future enhancements. The current registration process may seem basic, but it’s a necessary first step. Don’t let this initial simplicity distract you from the long-term vision. We’re actively working towards a more robust and intuitive platform to support our growing network. Your patience and participation are crucial as we build towards this goal. 

How Long to Spin Up the New IDRN? 

You might be wondering, “How long until we see the envisioned IDRN?” The answer depends on what levels of participation and access are necessary before seeing your version of vision realized. 

We understand the importance of powerful tools. The more intuitive and efficient our IDRN systems are, the faster our network will grow. When members have a positive experience and feel empowered by the tools at their disposal, they’re more likely to invite others to join. 

We’re committed to continuous improvement, and we are working diligently to enhance our technology. While we aim to possibly launch a basic mobile interface later this year, our goal is a robust, feature-rich IDRN app by the end of 2025. This app will streamline registration, enhance power searches, and facilitate members connecting and collaborating more effectively. 

What constitutes an “impressive” network size is subjective and depends on your perspective. Experienced professionals with existing global connections might not be fully impressed until we reach thousands of groups from over 150 countries, particularly if we offer unique connections they wouldn’t otherwise have. However, for those new to the field, our current growth rate could be exciting and inspiring even before the end of the year. 

Manage Expectations Accordingly 

It all comes down to expectations. That’s our point.

We know it will take many years to fully realize this global grassroots registry vision. Set your expectations accordingly, and join in making IDRN unique, valuable, and real. 

Once we have set realistic expectations, it’s still OK to get excited. I am!